Wednesday, February 27, 2013


After writing about my recent Fujiwara Kei experience, I had several people ask to see the chawan in question. As I have previously explained, the owner did not want the photos put up. So, I rifled through a bunch of my books and found a very similar chawan, though in my honest opinion, it is not quite as good as the one I handled. The chawan I was fortunate to handle was made in 1978, the illustrated chawan was made sometime between 1974 and 1983. As you can see, the chawan was fired upside down and where it faced the fire, the ash built up and a rich, fluid, even molten tamadare flowed down to the lip, now correctly oriented, the movement seems to be trying to move off the pot, defying gravity. The rich purple tinged hi-iro is an excellent counterpoint to the ash and paints a very noble and dignified atmosphere about this chawan. The works of Fujiwara Kei are unfettered and uncomplicated, they present an honest expressions that is most welcome among the long standing Bizen tradition.