Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Illustrated is a classically inspired vase form, in Chinese taste, by Kyoto veteran, Morino Kako (1899-1987). This porcelain vase is glazed in a pale, robbin's egg blue seihakuji glaze with an ethereal copper red, peach-bloom accent across the front belly of the pot. To say that Morino Kako was a glaze magician would be an understatement, his glazes were wonderful and most pieces you encounter by him show a precision and artistry that is captivating; techniques and ideals that he passed on to his son, Morino Taimei. Though simple in design and execution, vessels such as this have a profound nature the reminds one of some serendipitous encounter in nature or falling deep into a fine poem or song. It may sound entirely cliche, but frankly, there are few potters that make pots like this today.
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