Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Illustrated is an ink painting of a lugged Iga vase with a small tree branch and calligraphy by noted veteran and "old school" potter; Konishi Heinai II (b.1928). I have written about Konishi before who is well known for his passionate dedication to creating both Raku and Iga pottery, both of which he pursues in a decidedly old style of creation. Melding together older Momoyama and early Edo sensibilities with his personal interpretation of those traditions, his works are exceptionally unique to his own voice and vision. This small format shikishi shows the same individuality as his pottery with crisp and simple brushwork and his brusque style of calligraphy which adorn his boxes as hako-gaki. It is this uniqueness and simplicity of this painting and indeed his pottery that makes Konishi Heinai II so admirable in an age when many have given up on traditional aesthetics and the creation of simple, beautiful pottery.

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