Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Illustrated is a large stoneware wall plate that is loosely based on imagery from Homer's ILIAD and ODYSSEY. This piece was first created over an impromptu hump mold made of a bag filled with water and then incised and painted over in a grey-black engobe before the incised areas were inlaid in white. I have always been influenced by a number of the great, and not so great, classics favoring the Greek and Scandinavian sagas along with a wealth of 20th century fantasy and science-fiction. The tales of the ancient Trojan Wars seemed rather appropriate in the ishime style which came about as a way to "mimic" ancient stele (stelae), used historically to tell the heroic tales of great individuals among a myriad of other uses across numerous countries and civilizations. Though intended as both a functional and decorative piece, it is the narrative that is the focus of this piece that was my primary goal.

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