Wednesday, May 28, 2014


A pot arrived on the doorstep today and oddly enough, it was by a potter that I really didn't think I would see another pot by for a very long time, Kajiura Soshu (b.1916-?). The boxed pot is a vivid little mizusashi that was glazed in iron and Shino and then violently fired in a wood kiln where tons of ash rained down on to the pot and encapsulated the entire form in glass. The form itself, is exceedingly casual and its attitude a bit aloof with firing cracks and a drooping lip and bidoro drips adding to the ambiance of the piece. One of the immediate charms of the pot is that where the Shino and ash have fused together, it has created a luminance jade green surface coating the pot both outside and in. I have put this pot up on Trocadero, so there will be more pictures to look at if you are so inclined;

I wrote about my quest to identify this potter in a previous post, please click the link for a reminder;

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