Monday, June 2, 2014


Illustrated is a blend of ferocity and whimsy as only Sato Katsuhiko is capable. Painting in soft water colors and ink and depicting the Blue Fudo's menacing ire, strength and imposing nature the image and message is meant to compel or force individuals to adhere to the teachings of Buddha. Fudo-myoo (the Immovable Wisdom King), Acala in Sanskrit is a common theme of Katsauhiko's paintings and is rendered in a wide array of stances, colors and themes in his body of work. I am particularly fond of the fiery red ken, sword and the indigo blue hair which adds a wonderful focal point to the image. Among the work of Sato Katsuhiko, it is his evolving and dynamic imagery of Fudo-myoo that best captures the dichotomy of Buddhism; redemption and retribution.

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