Monday, July 21, 2014


As I was searching through some files of videos I had shot, the same file the Hayashi chawan came from, I came across a video of a wonderful Iga chawan by the late Furutani Michio. Finding this video file on the day it was found, the coincidence and the timing was not lost on me and I decided to put up the video despite the so-so quality. I thought that a video of one of his pots in motion, trumped the overall quality which I enhanced as best I could and once again, slowed down the frame rate.
The pots of Furutani Michio were and are special, even magical and a sure case for immortality. His pots embody the spirit of past and present and his exceptional use of material and fire make his pieces among the highpoint of wood firing in Japan during the 20th century. I think you would agree, this chawan is no exception.
"Immortality is the genuis to move others long after you yourself have stopped moving."  Frank Rooney (1884-1977)

















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