Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Illustrated is a before and after montage of a stoneware slipped and combed covered water jar that was later glazed in a rich, Albany slip based amber glaze. The surface of the pot has a variety of textures including where the white slip was brushed on and allowed to create areas of thicker raised slip along the brush marks. The combed circles have the added texture of having areas where the ameyu glaze built up to create much richer and darker areas. The form of the pot was heavily influenced by Korean pottery by way of Karatsu creating a substantial amount of volume in a pot that is not terribly large. Though it was my intention to make the pot just as it is illustrated, the before and after pictures give a sense of how the pot had to be made to end up glazed just the way it did. Though I am a huge fan of running, flowing glazes as well as ones that change dramatically in the kiln, there is something to be said about surfaces that come out just about as you see them in your mind's eye.

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