Monday, August 18, 2014


I am drawn to simple work, work built on tradition and individuality, works the have a lot to express in their simplicity. Mizuno Takuzo (Taizo) makes simple, yet elemental works that speak as much about the nobility of use as they do about pushing forward an aesthetic now many centuries old. The works of Mizuno are easily recognized despite the diversity of surfaces, textures and styles in which he works, it is the somber and practical manner that he infuses his pottery with that creates a recognizable style and draws the viewer into his pottery. The illustrated Shino chawan is just such an example blending subtlety, warmth and power into one simply thrown bowl, the decoration and glaze further adding to the narrative that speaks as much about an individual as it does the tradition from which it springs. There are a great number of potters who steer clear of tradition and function, I am glad to that Mizuno Takuzo is not one of those.

"I have truly come to love the heritage of Mino, including the rich ceramic clay under the village and the wonderful treasures left by our predecessors. Will I be able to challenge myself in the months and years left in my short life and without relying too overmuch on tradition? I want to do my utmost in my struggle with the God of Fire." Mizuno Takuzo

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