Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I have seen a number of Oribe pieces by Kitaoji Rosanjin over the years, in particular a number of tsubo ranging in size from very small to about 16" tall and truth be told, each and every one was fascinating and has had a lasting imprint on my work. Taking a cue from a quotation by Rosanjin and realizing that "all pottery is a copy", over time I have figured out what it is about his tsubo that interests me and it is those individual qualities that I strive to recreate. Obviously, the glaze, rather myriad of glazes is a point of specific interest but I am also interested in the sense of tenseness that he achieves in his pots. I am looking to capture a spirited fullness in the form and that is a primary aim of my Oribe tsubo. The illustrated tsubo, maybe 9" tall has the fullness of the pot accentuated by the incised "fence" design created around the belly of the pot and the tautness of the form is further implied by how the Oribe glaze has stretched thin around the decoration. Now, I understand I am a far way off the expressiveness of your average Rosanjin, but each piece is another step toward an expressiveness that communicates my own unique style.

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