Friday, September 19, 2014


Cloaked in various hues of hi-iro and ash with strong tsuchi-aji, this Shigaraki bottle-vase is by veteran potter, Otani Shiro. At first glance it appears a nice pot but on closer inspection it is easy to see that this is a pot that takes those 10,000 hours to create. The attention to the posture of the pot, the finish of the foot, defining its termination, the casual lean of the neck and mouth slightly askew all add up to make for a rather interesting piece. The flashed surface adds to the vertical nobility of the bottle and a subtle set of lines running around the shoulder are all of the intentional decoration that is needed. There is a profound sense of appropriateness that many wood fired pots possess as the potter gain mastery over just what to add without throwing the entire piece into visual chaos.

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