Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Though most likely known for his Persian blue, Sancai and luster pottery, Kato Takuo (1917-2005) was first and foremost a Mino potter. Designated Juyo Mukei Bunkazai in 1995 for his Sansai/Sancai works, Takuo was a product of the Mino tradition and Kobei-gama's diversity before he became interested in Mid-Eastern pottery. Illustrated is a classic Kato Takuo Shino chawan, which along with Seto-Guro, he excelled at. This chawan has a wonderful tapering form and luscious surface which presents a great landscape further accentuated by the rich coloration of the piece. The horizontal ridge and the application of more glaze below it create an engaging face (omote) for this chawan and beckon to the observer, use me. There is a certain sophistication in the simplicity of good chawan and I think this bowl is no exception.

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