Friday, March 14, 2014


Illustrated is a teapot with paddled sides, creating flat panels which are excellent for decoration. Glazed in the same fashion as the Wave Length vase, this teapot was decorated with spirali (spirals) decoration on the panels on either side and the lid. The form of this teapot, with and without the paddled sides is one I like quite a bit, the recessed galley lid and the way the handle is attached to the mouth allows me to push a thumb rest into the top of the handle which protrudes just a bit in to the mouth and keeps the lid from falling off the pot. In other words, the lid has to be put on and taken off at a slight angle to get past the thumb rest. As you can probably tell, the glaze, used thin was first dipped and then additional glaze was poured over the pot adding some additional interest to the surface where it ran up the pot. Made to be strictly functional, the design, decoration and glazing all followed that premise with the goal of being both enjoyable at work and at rest.