Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Having transferred more slides into digital images, I came across a large vertigo platter, about 22" x 20" that was made in the mid-90s at PSUC in Plattsburgh. I took some time and went back to work and fire with Bill Klock which got me out of Cleveland and into a comfortable and fresh environment for a couple of weeks. Based partly on Hitchcock and MC Escher I have made these pots for a long while now though I have no clue what ever happened to the large piece illustrated as greenware. The top piece is a smaller piece, roughly 11" x 10" and has four raised feet and is also capable of being hung on a wall. The depth of carving and right choices of glazing or firing, makes for a dynamic texture in a wide array of clays and glazes, temperatures and firing options, including reduction, salt and wood.

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