Monday, March 9, 2015


Though known for his kinrande and kinsai techniques,  NIngen Kokuho Kato Hajime (1900-1968) is perhaps one of the most versatile artist potters of the 20th century. His ability to make traditional pottery like Bizen, Shigaraki, Seto and many others was balanced with his outstanding techniques and abilities in varying porcelain styles, Persian blue and a wide array of Chinese influenced pottery. Few can match the technical and aesthetic diversity of Kato Hajime and fewer yet the grace, charm and elegance of his pottery which span the classical, traditional and modern idioms of contemporary ceramics.
Illustrated is a decorative tile made by Kato Hajime depicting two large Persian blue glazed tsubo with underglaze black decoration done in a Chinese style. These tsubo are perhaps meant to represent pots made by the potter himself as similar pieces can be seen in several sketches that he has left behind showing the wide array of ideas, documented pieces and pots he was yet to make over a lifetime of making pottery and testing new waters.

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