Monday, March 16, 2015


On Saturday a package arrived from a retired collector who wanted me to sell two pots for him. The first pot is a wonderful if slightly bruised published koro by Kishimoto Kennin (which was illustrated on my blog previously) and a totemic exhibition piece by Iga renaissance man, Ohira Kazumasa. The Ohira vase is large at over 15" tall and has a great surface and landscaped feel to the form with incised and added ginirodori decoration that flashes from copper to silvery gold hues. Ohira Kazumasa is a man of many talents. Garden designer, sculptor,  mural designer and potter, the Iga native is concerned with the best way to use his materials as well as being highly considerate of how his work impacts an environment in which it is placed. His works have been exhibited widely through gallery and museum shows and his works published in Japan and abroad including in volume 51 of the 100 volume set; TOH. Though the koro and vase are very different for each other, they share a common thread in that both were singled out by the potters for exhibition and as such, both presents the best work of not only the artist but the styles that each represents
You can see more photos of the Ohira and Kennin at my Trocadero marketplace or specifically by following these links;

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