Friday, August 14, 2015


Though I have a better camera than previously, I am still struggling with making better quality videos of pottery. I suspect if I had a full time set up and a pricey turntable and lighting arrangement, I could make better videos but for the time being, this will have to suffice. This video is of a splendid, rich Aka-Shino chawan by Hori Ichiro. As one would expect, the bowl feels wonderful in the hand and each and every facet of the bowl has been well attended to culminating in a fine and strong kodai. The videos like the slideshows are meant to try to convey the space, volume and even presence of the bowl where a single, static image may not succeed. Like most chawan by Hori Ichiro, there is nothing fussy or contrived  about this piece and any superfluous possibilities were stripped away most likely even prior to the lump of clay taking form on the potter's wheel. I hope this video, in the round gives one the perspective of the enjoyment this chawan brings in person and in hand.

"Sping, summer, autumn and winter. And spring comes around again. In the flow of time, what can I express through my ceramic art." A quote by Hori ichio from the MCAA

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