Monday, August 10, 2015


Illustrated is an overhead angled view of a recent stepped temmoku and medieval green jar that came out of the kiln. I like this angle, it shows off the two glazes to their truest color and it gives a perspective of the steps that were created while throwing the pot all at once. The alternating panels of glaze and the stamped decoration with inlaid glaze adds to the surface of the pot but the real interest from my perspective comes from looking back at older architectural landmarks like the Tower of Pisa from which I drew a certan degree of inspiration to come up with this form. Applying that which has already transpired to make something new can be either a pitfall or a challenge, though I prefer to try to render the borrowed into something of my own and to accept a challange rather than see it as a pitfall. I would like to think that I succeeded.

You can see more of this jar over at my Trocadero marketplace by clicking on the link;

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