Monday, November 16, 2015


Illustrated is a composite photo of a 14" tall paddled Oribe vase that came out of the last kiln firing. Initially I decided to photograph it in situ and after looking at the pictures decided to add another picture with better lighting. Though the photo with the vase in use came out rather nice most of the detail is lost in the shadowing of the floral arrangement and in order to get the full perspective of the pot I combined the photos so that the real details, surface and color were visible. The vase was paddled when the clay was just thrown and actually before the neck and shoulder were fully formed and then fine tuned after the brutal assault giving a nice texture to the base as well as breaking up the stiffness of the form. The Oribe I am currently working with has a wide array of possibilities and certainly appears very different under different light sources making this possibly one of my favorite styles to work with. I know I have said this previously but Oribe makes for a nearly limitless palette of surfaces and I doubt I will get even close to exploring even a fraction of its potential.

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