Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Now and again I decide to try to make something out of round and set a limit to see what can be done in that block of time. I decided to make a square vase form that would then be heavily slipped and these flower blocks are what I came up with. Thrown round without a bottom and then quickly squared on the wheel I used my heat gun to firm them up and then rolled out a quick slab for the bottom of the pot. Once the base was attached and a quick coil attached around the base interior I slipped and combed the first vase and then set about making a second which was a bit bigger and managed to take less time than the first. They both came out just about as I saw them before they were made and I will likely glaze them in the Oribe or Ao+ once they are bisque and ready to glaze. Admittedly there is nothing ground breaking in any way about these two flower blocks but when 90% of what you make is round, getting out of the round and altering the routine is reward enough in itself.
"Routine is not organization any more than paralysis is order." Sir Arthur Helps (1813-1875)