Monday, February 1, 2016


Illustrated is a rather straight forward molded henko with a highly active crackle slip under ash and Oribe style glazes. Made by Mino veteran potter, Ando Moriyuki, this pot showcases the characteristics of a style for which the potter is well known. Ando classifies these styles of work as either haiyu-kairagi or haiyu-onihada depending on the activity and boldness of the texture and this particular henko is best described as ash glazed, devil-skin and it is easy to tell why. Creating vessels of simple forms and lines has been the mantra of Ando which can be clearly seen in this vase form along with the bulk of his body of work. The truth is with only a few glazes, slip and forms, a myriad of possibilities arise making the pursuit of "simplicity, clarity and refinement" easily last a lifetime.

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