Friday, February 5, 2016


Specialist (noun); a person who devotes him or her self to one subject or to one particular branch of study of a subject or pursuit.
Illustrated is an early yuteki-temmoku style vase by "oilspot" specialist, Kamoda Koji (b.1948). Classic in appearance and certainly heavily influenced by the Chinese archetypes, this vase shows a vivid partridge feather style glaze composed of a rich, dark temmoku with rusty feathers appearing through the surface. Kamoda was originally a product of Kyoto having first studied with Shimizu Tadashi (Gojozaka) in the late 60's before going on to apprentice with Ningen Kokuho, Shimizu Uichi in 1988. This particular vase was probably made during or after his study with Shimizu Uichi and clearly shows his budding command of the tricky glaze and firing wrought with failures and a low rate of success. Obviously, Kamoda persevered and is one of the pillars of the yuteki-temmoku tradition which flourishes in Japan today. Though an early piece by Kamoda, this vase stands out as a successful foundation of a body of work that has perfected and added to the tradition of temmoku wares through single minded discipline and dedication to a specialized art.

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  1. a real beauty, I love any of the spotted glazes like oil spot and I also like teadust glazes.