Monday, March 21, 2016


Every now and again I get an inquiry that at first makes me scratch my head as to how to proceed and when I was first asked to make Its Still Life cups and saucers I did just that. It was going to be a lot of effort painting smaller versions of my still life designs on a cup and saucer and to be honest it sounded like a losing proposition in terms of time and reward. I will say that I was willing to make the pots because the customer is always right and I thought it would be nice to have the cups and saucers to accompany the dinnerware that they already had. After looking at the varying designs and thinking about it for a short time the obvious finally became obvious, instead of painting still life decoration on each I would make the cups and saucers look like they do in the actual painted designs. The illustration is an example of the cup decoration that I decided to go with, they are literally the three dimensional representation of the cups/saucer designs that I paint on the pots. It may seem like I took the easy way out of the laborious process of painting full still life designs but in the end this novel approach to the cups and saucers go far better with the dinnerware than I could have ever expected.

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