Monday, March 28, 2016


It is rare that I am not looking to make some odds and ends or what nots to help fill the nooks and crannies of the kiln and from time to time I make tea cups, small covered boxes, guinomi or whiskey cups. In a recent fire I made a small group of whiskey cup out of stoneware that were paddled and later glazed in my temmoku and ash glazes, the cup illustrated is the result. About half the size of a normal teabowl though generous enough, these are perfect for an ice cube and a healthy shot of perhaps Jim Beam Apple or a nice mix of Southern Comfort and ginger ale, what ever the use, perfect after a long day of potting or any other profession. I like the way the glaze pulls and highlights the relief and creates dramatic pools in the recesses, the combination of these two glazes proves to be somewhat unpredictable and it is for that reason that I like to use it and the fact that it nicely matches the color of a number of spirits doesn't hurt either.

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