Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Illustrated is an Oribe style teabowl with a slip made up using leftovers; materials that have accumulated over the years, from defunct studios, friends and what have you. My normal black slip is made using cobalt, iron oxide and manganese but for this small batch of slip I used iron chromate and black copper oxide, both of which I have five pounds of that truthfully I have no recollection of inheriting and certainly did not purchase though both have been used over the years. I only made up 500gr of the slip which fits nicely in a small deli container and used it in place of my regular formula. As you can see from the picture, the slip bled quite a bit creating a droozy surface with tendrils reaching to the surface of the glaze creating floating metallic areas a bit reminiscent of oilspot pots though neither controllable or as reflective. I am not sure what I think about this effect and will probably make a few more pieces for a future firing but what I can say is that it surely is different than my stand slip and adds a varied quality to the main Oribe glaze I am using. I guess time and testing will tell.


  1. Please be aware of the toxicity of iron chromate. It is a known carcinogenic.

    1. Steve, I am aware of the toxicity, used all precaution in the mixing/ using and as at .10% and on the exterior of the pot, it was worth testing.

    2. That should read 1% not .10%.

      Craig Bird