Monday, May 9, 2016


Throwing a simple form and using a simple temmoku and ash glaze over it, I made this piece after seeing an old black and white photo of a bunch of jugs in the remains of a boat under water. Despite being on the submerged for over 100 years, the jugs were elegant in their utility and simplicity and it was these elements that I tried to infuse in the series I have made. Thrown with a narrow base/foot, a decided swell to the belly and a rapid taper to a very functional and defined mouth, I threw these pots trying to strip any superfluous details away and arrive at the essence of the form, well at least I did my best. Each jug had a small but useful handle attached with my stamp at the base of the attachment and as you can see the ash glaze ran and broke around the handle creating another facet to the surface where the ash cascades on either side of the handle. Overall I am pleased with the results though I am wondering what they would look like in one of my Oribe glazes and how would I decorate them?