Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Now and again I find my past finding its way into the present day in relation to my work. As a kid I remember getting books in the mail now and again that were illustrated by my cousin, David Czarin (Czarinski), my cousin and godfather who was not only an illustrator but a well accomplished painter,sculptor and  print artist who was fond of making mono-prints which thoroughly inrigued me. My wife and I watched him work on numerous occassions and he would create his mono-prints either as a spontaneous work or a well thought out and well considered print design. I think this process rubbed off on me a little and recently I have come back to the technique taking drying slabs of clay and incising fine lined decoration across the surface, drying it a bit more with the heat gun and then impressing the slabs into thrown bowls and jars for a rather quick and direct affect based on a blend of primitive designs, old Oribe patterns and incised langauge used through out the ancient world. Though originally created as a "mono-print" to impress in the bowl, I have since bisque the incised slab to use over again, I wonder if this is cheating?

I recently put this teabowl up on my trocadero marketplace, please feel free to check it out;