Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I have a friend that has been on several cruise (and was on one just recently!) and prefers them as package deals; the all inclusive, one price, end of story. I guess this way you know exactly what you are in for and exactly what you are getting and there is a level of comfort in that scenario. With some Japanese pots you get exactly the same thing, you know what the core of the package is in terms of the pot but then there are the bonus add ons like custom made silk bags, named pots, signed boxes and a storage box for the storage box, essentially a similar thing in that it is a package deal all for one price. I recently was able to handle and photograph a pot that was named, exhibited and double boxed that a collector I know was able to purchase. This piece is surely the epitome of package deals and the pot itself (look forward to a slideshow video in the future) was among the best of this type I have ever seen. Perhaps my cruise friend is right, a package deal with all the bells and whistles included is the way to go when ever possible especially with pots but given our current weather, maybe a cruise would hit the spot!