Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I was reminded about this teabowl bowl recently with the new tests I am carrying out that are using manganese/cobalt glaze applied over the Oribe. In the illustrated teabowl I was using slips with a fair amount of iron, manganese and cobalt under the glaze and it would produce a slightly runny surface with a rich iridescent sheen where the slip was placed. This particular Oribe formula was one of the first ones that I used seriously and had less copper and no iron in the formula which made a less intense and vibrant surface so the use of the slip helped activate and bring the surface to life. I can not remember exactly when this bowl was made but I suspect it was well over a decade ago and was part of a set ordered from a tea practitioner of which this bowl was a spare. I was much more timid with what I would do to a glaze back  that I was testing back then adding tiny increments and alterations as opposed to today when I figure, what the h3ll, it is only ceramic alchemy and since I am using neither plutonium (Pu) or uranium (U), what harm can come of being a bit bolder?
"Who bravely dares must sometimes risk a fall."  Tobias Smollett

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