Monday, February 20, 2017


Illustrated is another slender Turkish blue vase by the late Kato Kenji. This particular vase is just a bit different than others I have posted as it has a slightly quilted form, is banded with each segregated panel having its own individual design which ties together the entire pot. It is easy to get stuck on a singular aspect of a potter's work but if you have seen Kato Kenji's pottery in person, there is a sense of awe regarding the seeming spontaneity, bold flair and speed of his brushwork which he has adapted so well to each and every form that he has used. I should also like to add that in certain respects like the well practiced designs of Hamada Shoji, Kato's brushwork, designs and decoration always have a freshness and brightness to them proving it is hard to get tired of something that comes from the heart and spirit of remarkable potter.

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