Monday, May 1, 2017


I made this large or more correctly defined, long oval baker some time ago and recently came across the image. At the time that I made this I was doing some tape and newspaper resist to create designs and decoration and this particular pattern came to be called "wavelength". I am not sure where the name exactly came from but it does seem to suit the undulating design which I think works fairly well on this baker which was at least 20" long though I seem to remember longer. I made several of these at once, working in series using a variety of designs/decorations that would work well on the elongated forms and accentuate that length. I know it will sound odd but this original abstrakt background came from an old western in which a scene at dusk showed this wonderful muted Technicolor skyline, it may have been John Ford's; SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON. It never ceases to surprise me how thinks make there way into my clay from years of being saturated by television and movies, countless books read, museums visited, pots seen and handled and I would like to think that how I assemble all of these small building blocks, the work is distinctly my own.

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