Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I really like the contradictions in this colorful Oni(no)Kanabo painting by Sato Katsuhiko. The image portrayed is known as an Oni with an iron club which has come to mean a variety of things from ultimate resolve and determination to herculean strength however the oni portrayed doesn't exactly give one the sense of unwavering power and resolve rather he has a look of being a bit undecided and even a bit unsure of himself. It may just be how I perceive the semi-comical nature of this oni based a bit on folk painting and even Otsu-e but Sato has a sly wit and it shows in his painting and even his pottery and their decoration so I am going with the intended contradiction of image and action. At any rate it is a thoroughly enjoyable and vivid image brushed in a quick and bold style that is sure to get your attention. Though it is a bit premature, all I can think to say is; "Oni go out, blessings come in" (Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi! 鬼は外!福は内!") as Setsubun is right around the corner.