Friday, March 31, 2017


I really like to see wood fired altered forms that have been thrown and then manipulated, you can most times see the process left in the clay itself. The subtle or sometimes rather obvious scratches, drags, cuts and lines left in the clay give away how the potter altered the form and in certain instances with what type of tool. The illustrated square form Bizen kinuta vase was made by Masamune Satoru, a potter I have written about previously and one who's works I happen to find a tremendous affinity for, in other words, his work and how he worked speaks to me. This vase has a surface with a wide variety of  effects that has that misty morning appearance where the clouds and haze are retreating showing the rich fire color at the neck and where the wads were placed. This is Bizen at its elemental, straight forward, uncontrived and stripped down of the superfluous in its making and its firing; all squared away, a basic yet convincing pot.