Monday, April 10, 2017


Illustrated is a simple, elegant tsubo decorated in slip, sumi-nagashi (floating ink) style by Kondo Yutaka. In several previous posts I have wrote about Yutaka and his simple yet decisive and bold use of mishima inlay using black and white as his surface and this tsubo is no different though there are hints of grey tones as well. The single, segmented strand of "decoration" draws the eye to the piece and guides the viewer up and around the space with only a hint of disturbance from the pure white form. Though Kondo Yutaka did not work exclusively in black and white, the pieces in which he did show a strong mastery of technique and concept where the two colors play out a dialogue far more conversant than many pots with far more decoration and design. If I were to try to describe Kondo Yutaka to someone who had never seen his work it would be straightforward; he created strong simple forms and made use of very little to speak eloquently about his creative voice.