Monday, November 22, 2010


Anyone that has ever been to Japan can attest to the assault on your sense of smell from all of the wonderful restaurants and vendors in most cities. Aside from all of the culinary dishes of Japan, there is a wide array of bar food and appetizers that get the mouth watering. Negamaki, gyoza, yakitori, okonomiyaki and of course sushi and sashimi are just a few of the treats available and many of them are served on handmade pottery made by local and nationally famous potters. While at a sushi/sashimi bar near Osaka, I was served crimson red maguro on beautiful Oribe hachi by Kishimoto Kennin.
Since it is somewhat difficult to get Japanese food products in central New York state, I know it is hard to believe, we get a care package from Japan 3 to 4 times a year. In it is various powdered sauces (like tonkatsu), spices, udon, and a variety of other sundries. This of course includes both Pocky and Pretz. For you unfamiliar with Pretz, especially my favorite Tomato Pretz, you certainly have no idea what a culinary delicacy you are missing. One thing that is an absolute, without Pretz, the earth would surely stop turning.

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