Monday, May 21, 2012


A while back I threw several chawan and covered jars in stoneware neriage to see how things progressed beyond  relatively small pieces. I got everything bisque and glazed and finally fired last Friday.  Other than a few small pinholes, the results look good, the larger covered jars, water jars, came out rather nice with a good degree of variation on the exterior surface. Where the iron rich clay is, there is some nice dark, purple brown droozy effects which helps break up the surface. The interior had a thicker coating of the iron yellow saffron poured in and I am pleased with the results as the surface all runs down to create a thick pool of  glaze in the bottom. I have always admired the neriage works of Kawai Kanjiro student, Ueda Tsuneji and can not deny the irresistible influence of his pottery in this work surface-wise.

The chawan illustrated was dipped quickly in the saffron glaze and the pattern turned out close to what I was after. The original intention for the neriage pattern was continuous undulating ribbons running around the body of the bowl. Though the pattern came out quite well, there are areas where the top or bottom of the loop is open. I guess only continued practice will make perfect, but who would want that anyway?

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