Wednesday, January 23, 2013


In discussing Oribe, many times I think of it as the glazed distant brethren of Iga and Shigaraki ware. In Iga/Shigaraki, though the pot may have a wide array of natural glaze effects from the firing, the clay and basics of the form  are on full display. Oribe has the same distinct quality about it, it has a similar richness and a propensity to run yet the clay underneath the glaze is there to see and enjoy. Each mark of the potter is crisply frozen and safely protected by the barrier of the glaze. Hayashi Shotaro is yet another wonderful Mino potter who creates unique, bold and inspired Oribe pottery. Over the years, first under the tutelage of his brother Hayashi Kotaro, Shotaro has developed a broad vocabulary or forms and clay textures which make full use of the various glazes he uses, especially his Oribe. The direct and aggressive manner in which Hayashi dealt with the clay of this Oribe o-sara is laid bare, except for a layer of his rich glaze that pools and accentuates every mark, depression and the textures that has created this highly gestural piece. This is both modern Oribe and Hayashi Shotaro at its best.

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