Monday, December 9, 2013


Illustrated is a small, maybe 7" tall cap jar with ring knob glazed in temmoku and iron red. I made a small group of pots this scale; they are easy to pick up in one hand and have an intimate sense and scale to them. I would think they are rather practical with uses ranging from storing teabags, candy, cat food or sugar. A plus about a smaller jar is that the possibilities are endless as they have just enough space for use and takes much less room than most of the jars that I make, perhaps about as much as a teabowl. It is a bit hard to tell from this photo, but the lid is a richer iron red color with lots of shimmering iron crystals which match up nicely with the crystals that can be seen running down the tendrils of the glaze on the body of the pot. I am pleased with the way the jar came out; simply thrown and simply glazed, this is as close as it gets to making and baking.

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