Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Like the phases of the moon, I assembled this picture to give a 360  panoramic view of the landscape of this Shigaraki vase. Patterned after a classic uzukumaru-gata form pot, this thoroughly modern interpretation is by Niigata resident, Kon Chiharu. Though not a large pot, the manner in which it was made gives it a tall posture which is exceedingly complimented by the intense firing in which the pot was subjected and this bidoro and ash rich surface was expertly crafted. Fired on its side, the landscape has taken on a wonderful array of effects from a sheer sheet of green glass to running ash flows ending in deep green bidoro drips, the most noticeable and evocative hangs, suspended off the lip defying all known principles of reason; but after all, isn't that what wood firing is all about?

"A man always has two reasons for doing anything - a good reason and the real reason." JP Morgan (1837-1913)

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