Monday, June 16, 2014


"There is no goodness superior to the goodness of nature", a quote by Kitaoji Rosanjin, yet despite his acceptance of this aphorism, he also understood as an artist and gourmand, creation was about capturing the distilled essence of nature into his creations. The illustrated Iga style bamboo form vase is exactly that, it is all about the essence of bamboo and it cuts out the extraneous details and captures the idea and form in as few movements and lines as possible. Coming to terms with the fact that it is not possible to exceed nature in the creativity game, Rosanjin created bamboo form vases that immediately call to mind what bamboo is to each and every viewer. The vase is not judged on how it mimics the plant but rather how it affects and touches the experiences of those who come in contact with the object and that is truly the mark of an accomplished potter.

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  1. That last sentence is such a powerful and memorable statement.