Wednesday, June 11, 2014


There is something somewhat engaging about a simple object without any affectations or contrivances that manages to exceed one's expectations. Crafted simplicity is an art that runs counter-intuitive in our fast paced world which may make such objects stand out all the more. The chawan illustrated is one of those objects, crafted and fired based on years of experience and ability yet simple in form, the aesthetics engages the viewer in a conversation about pot, potter and self. The act of creating is never a sure bet, but ever so often, everything comes together, like the exceptional harmonious notes of a seasoned orchestra. Furutani Michio had his fair share of exceptional pots, pots of simplicity and brilliance which marry clay, potter and fire; nourishment for the viewer. This Shigaraki chawan is a classic shape made by Furutani, rich surface, a fullness, a palpable tension to the form and just the right amount of kick adding lift off the kodai and with the cooperation of the kiln, a wet landscape painted on the face of the bowl. It may speak of simplicity but how many hours, pots and firings does it take to yield a bowl that is so minimalist with so much to say?

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