Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Having the form and posture of a well worn wooden mallet, this Shino pot is by veteran Mino potter, Yamada Seiji. The form is classic and well conceived with the flaring outward base and the same in reverse for the neck of the pot. The glaze, which I refer to as Seiji-Shino is wonderful with rich tones of reddish orange punctuate the form from top to bottom and the texture created by varying thickness of glaze with cells, fissures and pocks creating a distant and  somewhat alien landscape. Though many potters make and use Shino and many of their glazes look similar, there is a uniqueness to Yamada's glaze, a blend of the shiny and muted within the feldspar surface and textures that are recognizable as his work. The real beauty of the pots of Yamada Seiji is his ability to make simple pots crafted with careful details and beautiful glazes that have a great deal to say when filled with tea, flowers and food.
"Good Vases have free style shapes. They also make flowers much more beautiful and lively. Every time you arrange flowers with them, you can get new excitement." A quote from THE BEAUTY OF SHINO by Yamada Seiji

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