Monday, July 6, 2015


I must admit, things have a funny way of working out. Last week a collector I have known for a long time asked me if I could sell a few pieces for him to which I agreed and he sent them along. The package arrived today and one bowl in particular was rather unexpected, a really fine Shino chawan by Tamaoki Yasuo. I was not told what was coming other than two Shino chawan and a large pot by a British potter so the contents were a bit of a mystery but as I know this collector pretty well, I trusted the pots would not disappoint. The reason I find this a bit unexpected is that last week I had a friend send me a Tamaoki mizusashi photo which I put up on my blog last Friday, rather coincidental timing. I have put together a 4Vu montage of the Shino chawan which gives a nice panoramic view around the bowl and highlights why Tamaoki is so highly regarded. The truth is that not only is this a great looking Momoyama influenced bowl, it feels so wonderful in the hand.
To see more of this chawan, please have a look at it over on my Trocadero marketplace;

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