Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I don't make a lot of hanging vases as most people prefer vases that are free standing and don't rely on a given wall space for display. The illustrated hanging vase was made by wrapping it around an old dowel and then beating it with a paddle to create the texture and then a foot was attached and a small window cut out to allow for the flowers to go in at a point lower than the top of the vase. Though the vase can stand on its own, it is not necessarily built to do so as the center of gravity is too low, the base too narrow and the pot a bit wonky which offsets its balance. Intended to hang, the pot has a small hole in the rear near the top where a cord passes through to hang the vase from. I finished the piece off in one of my Oribe glazes and added some iron over to add movement and more visual appeal and hopefully create a  surface that is simpatico with a wide array of flowers that the vase could be used for. You can see more pictures of this vase over at my Trocadero market place;

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