Monday, December 12, 2016


I started using nudes as part of my decoration on pots during my last year at Cleveland State. I am not 100% sure how or why but I used old myths and fables as the basis for the designs and even turned traditional male antagonists and protagonists into female figures, it somehow just worked on the pottery and I think they portray a rather fun and positive imagery. Along the way I came up with a single and mirrored image of Rapunzel that with her flowing red-blonde hair articulated the surface of plates and open bowls rather well and over time the design has found its way on to pieces ranging from six inches to almost three feet across and on pitchers that have been as tall as two feet plus. The illustrated plate is roughly 14" across and shows the stylized mirrored Rapunzel design with a turbulent and stormy sky as the backdrop. I can say from a long time of experience, there are always designs and decorations that can get tiresome and even stale, for me, this is not one of them.
"Rapunzel. Rapunzel, lass deine Haare fallen  damit ich goldene Treppe steige."*
(* I apologize to any German readers if this is not the correct translation, I do my best!)

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