Wednesday, January 13, 2016


A number of years ago while still living in Cleveland, friends of our invited us out to a rather nice Indian restaurant near Chagrin Falls. One of the dishes that was brought out was a bowl of brightly colored and textured saffron rice with four small flower petals as garnishes. I was taken by the presentation but it was the textured color that really drew me in. Making notes, I decided this would be a goal one of these days, a rich and flowing saffron glaze but it would be a decade before I circled back to that moment and thought. Illustrated is a very simple pouring bowl, only about 9" or so across with a central bowl and outer flange lip I use to create a bit of visual tension in the piece, it is noticeable that once dipped, I allowed the glaze to drain out toward the spout. The surface is my saffron glaze over a clear glaze made using yellow and red iron in the formula. This glaze works best on pieces that allows the movement and flow of the surface to create a range of effects and a variety of textures over the piece but care needs to be taken as gravity will run the glaze right off the pots and on to the shelves depending on the use and thickness. It took me a long time to get back to this idea and I wonder what is next after all, there is always something.
"I'm trying to think but nothing happens." Jerome Lester Horwitz (1903-1952)