Friday, January 17, 2014


A friend of mine used to have a blog which he started back in the 90s. Though ostensibly about the art of blade smithing, the blog was as much about living, working and being as anything else. Earlier this year, Don Fogg discontinued his blog for various personal reasons ending  a narrative that many were keen to read, learn from and follow. It was his blog that first turned me on to the blog scene and it never occurred to me to start my own, after all, what did I have to say? In fact, though it came up from time to time from friends and collectors, my mind always went back to a cartoon I had seen (see illustration). As a potter and collector (and occasional human being), I wasn't sure what would be my motivation and as an occasional dealer, I didn't have any specific agenda, rather my sole interest was in what the pots had to say and possibly, where they fit in the aesthetic, historical and modern narrative. That is exactly when I realized, that would be the purpose of my blog; what do pots have to say and how do they command and converse in the environment in which they are put. It certainly sounds simple enough.
As I started my blog, it immediately became clear that as I wrote about potters and pots, as well as my own work, it helped clarify what I was thinking and sharpened the dialogue I was having with the pieces I would see or come in contact with. The blog in truth was as much for myself as it was for anyone else. The "assignments" were simple, using a pot that was sent my way, a picture that I was discussing with another collector or a pot that I have enjoyed over time, I would take a few moments and jot down my impression, thoughts and a possible context for the piece in as brief a time as possible. This forced me to put words to paper that were not overly thought out and that resonated to me at various levels. In many respects, brevity would keep things from become overly wordy, over thought or mired in any form of "art speak".
Illustrated is the blog cartoon that I referenced. I am not sure where it comes from, who the owner or originator of the piece is, but I find it so poetic regarding blogs. Despite my best attempts, I have at times found it necessary to highlight my short travels (and travails), various cat nonsense, food, music and movies that I like. I guess it is life imitating art, with not that much to say, why not blog about it?

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