Monday, September 8, 2014


I have written about Mizuno Takuzo in several previous posts, his work is both visually engaging and functional in its execution, he has a precise sense of appropriateness in relationship to chadogu and its design. This wonderful Oni-Shino chaire is a classic example of his work and the possibilities that he sees within the tradition and the stereotyped vessels used for tea ceremony. The Momoyama influenced piece has an evocative, almost Rimpa style decoration in rich iron slip that once covered in several varying layers of Shino glaze creates a variety of atmospheres that conjure up thoughts of both misty moors and a myriad of tales of ancient Japan. What never disappoints about the work of Mizuno is the unique quality of his glaze with its thick, translucent nature and the fine cells and crawling that appear like a signature of an individual potter, there is a calming nature to his surfaces even when they present rich, complex and even turbulent visions.
You can see more of this chaire by following the provided link to my Trocadero marketplace;

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