Monday, December 15, 2014


I have had this detail shot on my computer for a while now and thought to use it on any given blue Monday and thought today was that day. Illustrated is a close-up of a large and award winning henko vase by the multi-talented Morino Taimei (b.1934). This vivid detail shot gives and insight in to the complexity of the glaze surface that was exactingly planned out but the artist allowed room for the surface to soften and move ever so slightly to create a more naturalistic design. There is a crystal effervescence to the surface where layered and resisted glazes work with each out with underlying glaze bubbling through each other. There is a wonderful balance of complexity and simplicity to the surface that when viewed as a whole creates a vivid, timeless and contemplative vessel that few can create and which Morino excels at. It is little wonder that this piece was singled out for award among a broad array of pottery at the 1993 Nikko-kai exhibition.
The original post with the full pot illustrated can be seen here;

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