Friday, December 26, 2014


Up until a couple months ago, I had never had any chaire by Mizuno Takuzo come my way and just recently, a collector sent me two more to help find a new home for. Do chaire follow the "rule of threes"? The first one that came my way was a rather nice Oni-Shino style chaire, the recent two are Aka-Shino and Seto-Guro and I can see why they were collected together as both exhibit very similar characteristics in their presentation. The Aka-Shino piece has a tall and graceful form with two tiny additions to the shoulder with a rich and thick glaze with dark accents around the shoulder and a thick and foamy trail down the face of the pot. The Seto-Guro chaire also has a tall and noble posture accented by a dark, rich and textured surface with mimi-tsuki style additions running down from the shoulder and in both examples there is just enough clay showing to create a nice contrast with the glazed surface. It has been a pleasure to have all three of these chaire in hand to study and for the future, I can only hope the "rule of threes" always applies when it comes to pottery.

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